Dissemination and policy

The communication, dissemination, and policy engagement activities performed in RESCUE aim to:

  • Increase the reach and visibility of the project goals, findings and knowledge generated;
  • Support evidence-based representation of scenarios and CDR, thus increasing the project’s societal impact;
  • Inform policy making in line with the Paris Agreement;
  • Promote knowledge exchange with other scientific projects and major scientific initiatives; and
  • Facilitate the uptake and open-source accessibility of the project results.

To ensure a wider reach of the project and its results, RESCUE will identify and engage with diverse audiences, including the scientific community, the climate services community, civil society, and policymakers.

Tailored communication and dissemination activities will be organised at local, European and global level to foster synergies among the RESCUE project and the scientific community, policymakers and civil society. These include webinars, workshops and varied communication material, such as infosheets, among others.

To foster a dialogue between science and policy, several policy briefs presenting policy-relevant results of the project will be produced, along with other material aiming to enhance the understanding on the project topics, such as science summaries. RESCUE will also organise side events at COP29 and COP30, where researchers and policymakers will gather together to discuss the most effective pathways to achieve climate neutrality and fulfil the Paris Agreement goals.

Finally, to promote exploitation of the project outcomes, the results will be integrated into the PROVIDE project’s Climate Risk Dashboard.