As part of RESCUE's efforts to maximise the project's impact and increase the policy-relevance of the results, the project is engaging with a range of different stakeholders.

The main stakeholder groups identified for the RESCUE project are:

  • Scientific community
  • Policymakers and decision-makers
  • Climate services community
  • Think tanks
  • Private sector
  • Civil society
  • Journalists and media

Stakeholders within these groups have been identified at the international and EU level, the national level, and the regional level.

RESCUE aims that its engagement with a diverse group of stakeholders, especially within the policy sphere, will establish a dialogue to receive feedback on ongoing research and co-develop project outputs, and lead to project results that are more relevant, accessible and transparent for a wide range of stakeholders active in the field of CDR.

Specific activities which provide opportunities for stakeholders to engage include annual collaboration workshops with the scientific community starting in mid-2023, an international science-policy workshop in 2024, policy briefs and side events at COP29 (2024) and COP30 (2025), and a policy roundtable in 2025, next to ongoing participations in relevant conferences and events. See also our news and events page for past and upcoming events, and our deliverables page for planned products and events.